This season of LHHATLANTA is turned out to be exciting and ratchet as always. I vowed that I was not going to watch it but, somehow I got sucked right in to it. My fav is still Stevie J and all his antics. This season Kirk and Rasheeda were the drama couple. This whole situation had me confused at first. I thought it was just a scheme to get them to be relevant but after watching the Reunion, it's very clear that this situation is real. I have to give it to Kirk, he's a smart man. Yes, the mistake he made was dumb but he is definitely protecting their assets. Do I think the baby is his? Yes I do! It's too obvious. It truly is sad to watch Rasheeda's pain play out on TV. That's something no one should have to go through especially on national television. Now are you ready for Love and Hip Hop Hollywood?


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