Common Hair Myths Exposed

        Lately, I've come across a few new clients who absolutely have not been receiving the right information about their hair care, which opted me to write this article. Now anyone that knows me as a stylist, knows that I am serious about taking care of my clients hair and I also educate them on their hair care. Here are a few myths about hair that most people don't about.......

Myth:" If I don't trim my hair, my hair will grow even longer."
Truth: Hair is going to grow up to a half inch every month whether you cut it or not. Frequent trims (I suggest every 8 weeks) will eliminate your split ends and keep your hair in a healthy state. Not getting your scheduled trims will lead to excessive split ends, damage, and breakage.

Myth:" If I pluck out one gray hair, two will come in its place."
Truth: Plucking out your gray hair is definitely not a good idea and it can become a very bad habit. You can damage your roots, even cause an infection, and never allowing the hair to grow back in that area.

Myth:" I have fine thin hair, I will never have volume."
Truth: Yes it is true if your hair is naturally fine or thin you will never have full thick har. But, there are some tricks you can try to give your hair the illusion of thicker hair.

    1, A good old Roller Set will boost your volume

    2. Using shampoos like Nioxin which swells your hair shaft

Myth: "Rinsing with ice cold water will make my hair shinier."
Truth: What happens in the shampoo process is shampooing with warm to hot water opens the cuticle allowing the products to deposit like conditioner and color. Rinsing with cool water closes the cuticle sealing the product into the hair follicle.

Myth:" You can mend your slit ends."
Truth: Once your ends are split, that's what it is. The only thing that can mend split ends is a good trim.

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