Do Vitamins Really Help Hair Grow?

 I'm curious about Vitamins at this point because being a hairstylist for over 20 years and seeing what "Hairfinity
" pills are doing to hair, I have to ask myself, Do Hair Vitamins Really Work?

Now I definitely know taking a supplement really does help  the hair grow, but vitamins alone are not enough.
               1.You would have to keep a good healthy diet
               2. Drink plenty of water
               3. Have a great Hair Care Regimen
               4. Have knowledge of how your grows
               5. Protective Styles    
So to answer my own question, yes Hair Vitamins does help your hair grow. Any time you are taking care of your hair and creating a healthy regimen that will keep your hair healthy and on track, yes your hair will grow and it will grow to a very healthy state. As a stylist, I recommend my clients to start with the inside out with making sure they are eating well and they are taking in plenty of water and juices. Taking daily vitamin supplements helps with not only your hair but, your skin, nails, and body.


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