Monday, July 31, 2017

Summer Hair Care

Summer months can be the worst for us Natural girls! Keeping our hair healthy on top finding a great hairstyle that will last seems to be very annoying at times.a
ow many of you hate the summer humidity and what it does to your hair? Who hasn't yet come up with a style to get you through these humid hot days? Having Natural Hair during the Summer months can be a hassle, I always tell my Natural Clients that these are the months you can experiment.
Finding the right regimen and the right hairstyles can determine if your hair will make it this Summer.

Here are a few tips to help you survive the Summer:

1.You first have to start your summer hair ritual with a trim!
2. Protect your hair from the Sun
3.Switch to a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner
4.Avoid hot tools
5.Beat the frizz
6.Try a few Natural Styles

Monday, July 24, 2017


This season of LHHATLANTA is turned out to be exciting and ratchet as always. I vowed that I was not going to watch it but, somehow I got sucked right in to it. My fav is still Stevie J and all his antics. This season Kirk and Rasheeda were the drama couple. This whole situation had me confused at first. I thought it was just a scheme to get them to be relevant but after watching the Reunion, it's very clear that this situation is real. I have to give it to Kirk, he's a smart man. Yes, the mistake he made was dumb but he is definitely protecting their assets. Do I think the baby is his? Yes I do! It's too obvious. It truly is sad to watch Rasheeda's pain play out on TV. That's something no one should have to go through especially on national television. Now are you ready for Love and Hip Hop Hollywood?

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Common Hair Myths Exposed

        Lately, I've come across a few new clients who absolutely have not been receiving the right information about their hair care, which opted me to write this article. Now anyone that knows me as a stylist, knows that I am serious about taking care of my clients hair and I also educate them on their hair care. Here are a few myths about hair that most people don't about.......

Myth:" If I don't trim my hair, my hair will grow even longer."
Truth: Hair is going to grow up to a half inch every month whether you cut it or not. Frequent trims (I suggest every 8 weeks) will eliminate your split ends and keep your hair in a healthy state. Not getting your scheduled trims will lead to excessive split ends, damage, and breakage.

Myth:" If I pluck out one gray hair, two will come in its place."
Truth: Plucking out your gray hair is definitely not a good idea and it can become a very bad habit. You can damage your roots, even cause an infection, and never allowing the hair to grow back in that area.

Myth:" I have fine thin hair, I will never have volume."
Truth: Yes it is true if your hair is naturally fine or thin you will never have full thick har. But, there are some tricks you can try to give your hair the illusion of thicker hair.

    1, A good old Roller Set will boost your volume

    2. Using shampoos like Nioxin which swells your hair shaft

Myth: "Rinsing with ice cold water will make my hair shinier."
Truth: What happens in the shampoo process is shampooing with warm to hot water opens the cuticle allowing the products to deposit like conditioner and color. Rinsing with cool water closes the cuticle sealing the product into the hair follicle.

Myth:" You can mend your slit ends."
Truth: Once your ends are split, that's what it is. The only thing that can mend split ends is a good trim.

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Monday, August 25, 2014

2014 VMA's

Let's say more like the Bey-MA's!! With her 20 minute set  Beyonce' stunned the crowd by performing her whole album of 15 songs. But that's not the icing on the cake. Jay Z presented his wife with the" Michael Jackson's Vanguard Award" along with Blu Ivy who cheered on her mama and Bey showed all of us, no problems over here!! Nicki Minaj was 3x the charm with her performances changing into different looks but, also managing to be the talk of the VMA's with wardrobe malfunction. The red carpet was my highlight besides Bey of course all Msglamdoll ever cares about is the hair and the fashions Dolls( in my Dwight voice).

Kelly Rowland glowing on the carpet
Kelly Rowland made a great appearance along with her baby bump but she was gorgeous. My fav Doll Mrs. Wiz Khalifa wore a chain dress that would of looked better in her skinnier days but I love my Muva so no shade over here. Kim K West shocked me with those boobies out and about but, i loved the look. If my boobs sat up like that I would rock that dress to.

But who did it for me was Jennifer Lopez at 45 looking like a Goddess!! What does does this woman take. She fine!! She's like fine wine that gets better with time. 'Id like a glass of that!! Well that's ll for me Dolls!!

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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Hollywood vs. Natural Hair

Hollywood seems to be embracing this Natural hair craze. It gets hard sometimes when we are trying to find our favorite Natural Hair "crush". Thankfully, many of our favorite celebs have decided trade in their extensions for twist outs. It took some time but thanks to Oscar Winner  Lupita Nyong'ou Hollywood is loving "Natural Hair". You would be very surprised to find out who is rockin' Natural Hair in the industry. Besides the obvious such as Jannelle Monae', Chrisette Michele, or Solange Knowles, there are a lot of celebrities who under the radar that you would never suspect of rocking Natural Hair.
Queen Latifah is one of my fav Natural girls. Her hair transforms into a smooth straight coif when on TV but on her down time she loves her slick natural ponytails.

Viola Davis likes to switch it up from time to time with her Natural Tresses to a full wig!! I just love her transformations!!

Others like Nicole Ari Parker, Raven Simone, and Kim Coles have switched to Team Natural.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014


Bronner Brothers Hair Show 2014 took place this past weekend in Atlanta. As all who know me, already know I'm always in attendance. This summer show was not too exciting for me but, it did not disappoint. I always walk away with some heavy thoughts and great techniques. This year's Summer Edition of the show was Star Studded with Celebrity Stylists and Atlanta's Hip Hop Stars all selling products of their very own. The classes were of course were awesome with most being absolutely free. I had a long time hairstylist friend attend this year for the first time and she was truly amazed and at awe of her surroundings. I keep forgetting how you feel when you first hit those doors and your riding down the escalator filled with excitement. You can feel all the excitement as you are walking towards the door and your brushed by a local celebrity. Then you hear all the music and you  show your band and walk into the show. It's like you are mesmerized! Where to start, which way to go, or just stand around and watch all that goes on around you. All the hustle and bustle and i do mean hustle because my fellow industry peers are trying to get their product out to you so you can see how wonderful of a product they have. Stages of hair competitions, celebrity stylists showing their latest techniques, and meet and greets with your favorite singer or actor. You can buy almost anything from diet pills, raw hair, to equipment and art work to put up in your salon when you get home so everybody can see and then you can tell your story to all your clients who sit and listen with lots of enthusiasm.

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

How Do You Know If Your At The Right Salon?

Many of clients have been coming to their stylists for years, some even decades and what I found there are a lot of clients who are not happy or comfortable at their current salon. They are just settling and haven't been happy for years.

I started thinking to myself, what person goes to a salon for years, pays their hard earned money and is never happy after leaving but, makes the conscious choice to return back? The more I thought about it, a lot of women settle in their relationships with husbands, boyfriends, and even close girlfriends so, why wouldn't they settle when it came to a hair stylist. It might just come down to a convenient location, afraid to try someone new, or just the familiarity.

I asked one of my new clients who just started to come to me recently, what made her switch stylists after going to her previous stylist for over 11 years? She said she was tired of getting the same hair style and she requested her to stop relaxing her hair because she was starting to thin. She told me the stylist would just say, "its not too much you could get with a short cut that isn't relaxed". Now you know I got an instant attitude and started to tell her all of the options she could attain with a short natural style. She said, "Well that was just not the salon for me!" Wanda was use to the routine of her previous salon she never knew about her options with trying other styles or even knew they existed.

Form a check list of these questions to see if your at the right salon:

  1. Is your presence appreciated?  Does your stylist seem happy to see you when you arrive?
      Getting your hair done should be a great experience not a dreadful one.

   2. Is Water, tea, or coffee offered? This lets you know how much you are appreciated and that they love you spending time with them and sometimes being in the salon for a few hours , this makes it more comforting.

   3. Does your salon feel like "shop" or a "salon"? The salon should be a comforting and relaxing place .Soft quite music,. sweet aromas, a clean spotless place, and a catering spirit from the staff. Not loud blasting music, loud people talking over one another, and Leroy coming in selling everything but the kitchen sink.
Is your salon right for you?